Training is essential to the success of any business initiative, particularly one that aims to reduce discrimination or change how a company manages its employees.

A company can have the strongest policies and the best of intentions, and still lose a lawsuit for discriminating against an employee. Why? Discrimination most commonly arises in the interactions between supervisor and employee, and an untrained supervisor is a walking time bomb.

Everyone in your company, not just supervisors, could benefit from training about why discrimination arises and how to stop it. Top level management needs to know it to support a prevention program. The company’s lawyers need to know it to advise the company as situations arise, and as programs and personnel policies are implemented that may affect protected categories of employees. The company’s human resources professionals need to know it to be able to implement a prevention program, educate others in the company, respond to situations, and handle complaints.

As an added benefit, if your company is sued for discrimination based on family responsibilities, pregnancy or sex, having a prevention program that includes training may provide a defense and may limit punitive damages.


Training Preview

Here is an example of what we cover in an introductory training about family responsibilities discrimination :

  • How to recognize family responsibilities discrimination
  • The six situations in which FRD commonly arises
  • How bias affects relationships and decisionmaking
  • How to detect the biases that cause FRD in yourself or others
  • Three techniques to reduce the influence of biases in everyday decisions
  • The three greatest harms to a company’s bottom line caused by FRD
  • Why supervisors will benefit personally from reducing FRD in their departments
  • How to manage employee-caregivers without discrimination
  • What the law says employers can and cannot do when employees are caregivers
  • The two best tips for increasing the productivity of employee-caregivers


Training Formats

Our trainings can be presented in the format best suited for your company. We have done it all:  in person (town hall, small group, one-on-one), video, webinar, and teleconference.  If you provide online training, we can create the content for you. We can even train you to provide training for your company.


Our trainings are customizable to meet the budget and needs of your company. While we can deliver an entertaining lecture if that is what you want, our preferred training methods are more interactive. And because it is hard for one-shot trainings to deliver the best results, we like to provide trainings in a series or to follow up our trainings with reminders, refreshers, coaching, and availability to answer questions.

An effective training package would include:

  • a high level briefing for executives and lawyers
  • an intensive half-day workshop for human resources professionals to equip them to implement the initiative
  • three two-hour live, interactive training sessions for supervisors
  • follow-up weekly memos to training participants to encourage application of training
  • a one-hour refresher session for supervisors, live or over the web
  • availability by phone or email to answer questions

Contact us to discuss how we can customize trainings to fit your company’s needs.