todays-workforce_mlWho is Today’s Workforce?


Half of today’s workforce is female. (BLS)

83% of employees are in households in which all adults are in the paid workforce. (BLS)

59% of fathers report feeling work/life stress. (FWI)

17% of employees currently provide care for elder family members (FWI)mother and father with child_s

Almost half of employees expect to provide elder care in the next 5 years. (CAP)

Almost everyone will be a caregiver for a family member during his or her career. (WLL)

Almost 80% of employees say they would like to work flexibly, if they could do so without repercussions. (FWI)

36% of the workforce is made up of people of color. (BLS)

An estimated 6.2% of the workforce is gay or transgender. (CAP)elder-care_s

36% of the workforce is made up of Millennials, projected to be 46% by 2020.

Only 13% of employees report being engaged at work. (Gallup)


So why are employers treating the workforce like it’s still the 1960s?  Let us help you bring your workplace up to date. 

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