Here is an example of what we could provide your company to minimize its risk of family responsibilities discrimination:

  • briefing for executives:  A meeting to acquaint top management with FRD issues and risks, and to discuss the goals of the engagement and the role of the executives in its success;
  • assessment of FRD issues in the company:  a review of key policies, practices, and experiences to determine the most effective way to address FRD in the company;
  • consultation with HR and Legal:  briefing for HR and Legal on FRD’s causes, effects, and risks, and the role of HR and Legal in preventing FRD;
  • training for supervisors:  educating supervisors about how and why FRD arises in day-to-day workplace interactions, and providing them with tools to stop FRD and to increase the productivity of their employees who have caregiving responsibilities;
  • creation of FRD prevention tools:  customizing prevention tools for the company, including post-training reinforcement materials for supervisors, revised personnel policies, HR monitoring of potential hot spots, preparations to deal with absences, and scripts for company meetings;
  • implementation of a complaint and investigation process:  working with HR and Legal, create a process for employees to report suspected FRD and for HR to ensure that complaints are properly investigated and appropriate remedial action is taken;
  • ongoing support:  questions answered by phone or email, refresher trainings, and updates as the law on FRD changes.

Additional services, such as coaching for supervisors or one-on-one training for executives, are also available.

You choose only the services your company needs, and you choose our level of involvement – from hands-off adviser who guides you in implementing a program yourself to hands-on consultant and trainer who does the work for you, or something in between.

You control expenses.  Most of our services are provided on a flat-fee basis, so you know the cost up front.  Want to start small, choose a few services, and see how it goes?  No problem.  Want to design a full prevention program and save money by bundling services?  We can do that, too.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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