Many companies have flexible work programs, but few have programs that work well and deliver tangible benefits. Often, the problem lies in how the program was implemented.

Here is an example of what we could provide your company to optimize its flexible work program:

  • briefing for executives: a meeting to review the company’s goals for its flexible work program, the program’s performance to date, and the common problems that stymie flexible work initiatives;
  • an assessment of the company’s flexible work program: a review of the company’s policies, and a study of the health of the program (using personnel data and surveys, interviews, and alumni interviews);
  • consultation with HR: an overview of the factors that are holding back the flexible work program, development of specific solutions, and a discussion of implementation strategies;
  • training for supervisors: how to manage flexible workers and avoid flexibility stigma;
  • training for employees: how to succeed professionally on a flexible schedule;
  • ongoing support: questions answered by phone or email, and refresher trainings and consultations.

Additional services, such as coaching for supervisors or one-on-one training for executives, are also available.

You choose only the services your company needs, and you choose our level of involvement – from hands-off adviser who guides you in implementing a program yourself to hands-on consultant and trainer who does the work for you, or something in between.

You control expenses.  Most of our services are provided on a flat-fee basis, so you know the cost up front.  Want to start small, choose a few services, and see how it goes?  No problem.  Want to design a full prevention program and save money by bundling services?  We can do that, too.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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