Picture of Cynthia Calvert

Picture of Cynthia Calvert

We help employers get more out of their employees by reducing bias and discrimination. We provide consultation and training, focused on advancing women and managing workers who care for family members, like parents of young children, pregnant employees, and employees who have aging parents. We work with management, HR, and legal to identify obstacles and opportunities, and implement research-based solutions and initiatives designed for the 21st century workforce. Legal risks are minimized, and employee engagement and productivity are maximized.

We often partner with other experts and consultants to provide complete, seamless solutions to employers’ most vexing personnel problems. Our expertise complements and expands retention and engagement initiatives, diversity and inclusion programs, inter-generational team building, and employee wellness programs.

For more on how we can help your company prevent pregnancy discrimination and family responsibilities discrimination, click here.

For more on how we can help your company achieve gender balance in its leadership, click here.

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Additional services, such as coaching for supervisors or one-on-one training for executives, are also available.

You choose only the services your company needs, and you choose our level of involvement – from hands-off adviser who guides you in implementing a program yourself to hands-on consultant and trainer who does the work for you, or something in between.

You control expenses.  Most of our services are provided on a flat-fee basis, so you know the cost up front.  Want to start small, choose a few services, and see how it goes?  No problem.  Want to design a full prevention program and save money by bundling services?  We can do that, too.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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