Report Shows Employer Vulnerability to Caregiver Lawsuits

Many employers are not recognizing family responsibilities discrimination when it happens in their workplaces, according to a new study issued today by the Center for WorkLife Law.  Employers that are not familiar with the evolving legal protections for employees who care for family members are unable to prevent or remedy supervisors’ culpable conduct. When they get

New Legal Treatise on Family Responsibilities Discrimination

Employment lawyers and HR professionals now have a go-to reference for issues involving employees with family caregiving obligations: Family Responsibilities Discrimination by Cynthia Thomas Calvert, Joan C. Williams, and Gary Phelan (Bloomberg BNA 2014). Just published, this first-of-its-kind legal treatise provides a comprehensive explanation of the rights and obligations of employers and employees when employees

FRD and the EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Plan: What Employers Need to Know and Do

Failing to accommodate pregnant employees, paying mothers less and harassing men who take family leave are going to draw the attention of the EEOC over the next several years.  Here’s what employers can do now to avoid the agency’s spotlight.   The EEOC approved a Strategic Enforcement Plan last month, laying out for employers the areas